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Same Ingredients, a Higher Quantity

More than 50 years ago, de Groot senior started building steel Kruisers in the centre of Grou, to which he gave the name Pikmeer, after the adjacent lake. ‘It all started when I built a steel body for myself in the back garden. It was not even ready when there was already someone who wanted to buy it,’ says Henk de Groot. Henk sold the boat, however, the next yacht he intended to build for himself he also sold to an enthusiastic passer-by. And that is how it started. People from the neighbourhood saw Henk on his beautiful yacht gliding through the water and this caused a lot of demand for this model. In the early sixties he started Shipyard de Groot in Grou. Here, in the heart of the Frisian Lake District many boating enthusiasts visited the shipyard where the first Pikmeerkruisers were built. Due to the physical length of the shipyard, these were seven to eight metres in length (about 23 to 27 feet). Granddad de Groot and his staff put heart and soul into their work and with true craftsmanship, precision and in-depth knowledge they built the first Pikmeerkruisers.

20 Years Later…

About 20 years later the shipyard moves to a new location which allowed to build longer yachts. Now, the Pikmeerkruiser is an important brand when it comes to yachts and a household name throughout Europe. And the concept? Well, it remained unchanged. Shipyard de Groot is still a family business with a third generation having an ear for requirements and an eye for perfection. Craftsmanship, traditional precision, the best materials and always on the lookout for improvement: these are the things this generation was brought up on.

Second Generation at the Helm

In 1983 the second generation takes the helm. Hendrik’s father, Bouwe, made Shipyard de Groot what it is today. In fact, in 2003, the entire shipyard was built from the ground up. Now, modern production halls are located at the Pikmeer in Grou. Here it is possible to build luxurious yachts over 15 metres in length (50 feet). The Pikmeerkruiser has three different models: Open Cockpit, the Aft Cabin Pikmeerkruiser and the Flybridge model. These models come in different lengths and versions.


Who Are We?

Not only does the Pikmeerkruiser have a distinctive character, but also each member of our staff is unique and contribute their skill to the perfect Pikmeerkruiser. Craftsmanship, a happy customer and a continuous search for even MORE comfort and luxury, are the things that motivate our staff. They implicitly trust their co-workers and make a good team. Together they supply a unique and customised product. Everything is possible.

The Pikmeerkruiser: For True Globetrotters

In 2014 the third generation comes aboard. Hendrik de Groot, who himself left for Australia for six months, sees de Pikmeerkruiser as a yacht for true globetrotters. ‘We supply to enthusiasts from all over Europe. Currently, we are working on four boats on the shipyard.’ Hendrik is full of pride when he walks across the shipyard as he points out the four boats that are side by side under construction: ‘This boat is for English customers, the one next to it for Dutch and here we have one for a German customer and voilà: here is France.’ The Pikmeerkruiser is everywhere, customers are from all over the world and each Pikmeerkruiser is built according to their own specific requirements which makes this process so interesting. So please feel free to come round for a coffee and a Shipyard tour.


Striving for Perfection

‘The fact that we already built 550 boats from drawing board to completion, says enough about our constant development’, says Hendrik de Groot. ‘Each Pikmeerkruiser challenges us to strive for more, that little extra detail. Whether it is about a better use of space, space saving or even more comfort. Step by step we strive for perfection and we do so since 1963. This is what we mean when we say the Pikmeerkruiser is almost perfection.’ In all modesty, Bouwe de Groot, second generation and present owner of the Pikmeerkruiser, adds: ‘We will never say “perfect” because we are of the opinion it can always be MORE beautiful, better or more practical. We said so when we completed the 10th Pikmeerkruiser, but also at the completion of no 550’. The ambition to always come up with new ideas and additions and to fulfil all customer requirements is typical of the de Groot family AND of the Pikmeerkruiser. ‘Our customer’s dream becomes our dream and we will always go to extremes to make this dream come true’, according to Hendrik de Groot.

Everything under One Roof

What makes this yacht builder in Grou so special, is the fact that the entire construction takes place under one roof. In Dutch there is a saying: “Craftsmanship is Mastery”, which definitely applies to the Pikmeerkruiser. It starts with a couple of steel plates that have been cut which eventually become a luxurious yacht. Since everything is manufactured in our own shipyard, lines are short and we are very flexible. All customer requirements can be dealt with, whether you like a modern or a classic interior or something in between.

Always Recognisable

Whatever the design, model or specific requirements: the Pikmeerkruiser is always recognisable. You can always rely on us to deliver a motor yacht perfectly custom made to order. We aim for optimal service. We offer a clear range of products consisting of three basic models: the Open Cockpit, the Apt Cabin and the Flybridge. Of course, these models are continuously under development. We always look for ways to make them even MORE comfortable and luxurious. Why sell 200 different motor yachts if only a few can be the best? We only strive for the best and that is why we offer a well-considered range.

Challenge Us

Nothing is impossible, no question asked is too much trouble. With already 550 Pikmeerkruisers in the water, each new Pikmeerkruiser still means a new challenge for us. So please come round someday to visit our shipyard and see what possibilities we have to offer. Get inspired and challenge us. We are curious to hear about your ideas for the perfect yacht of your dreams.


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