Custom Built

Custom built yachts

In addition to the Pikmeerkruiser models you can find on our website, it is also possible to build yachts completely customised according to your wishes. No Pikmeerkruiser is the same because of your input in the final design of the yacht. The basic design which is popular with many water sports enthusiasts for its practical layout and its quality can be completely adjusted according to your wishes, thus ensuring a unique Pikmeerkruiser. Recently, we built a Pikmeerkruiser where, according to our customer’s requirement, we placed the door at the back of the yacht. Please find below a drawing of the design.

Wheelchair-accessible model

Another example of our custom built yachts is our wheelchair-accessible model. Recently we completely adjusted a yacht to make it suitable for the use of a wheelchair. This included the interior design. A crane fitted to the Flybridge enables the owner to board his yacht. By fitting a scissor lift, which was sunk into the floor, the steps to the kitchen are no longer an obstacle. With the remote controlled lift the owner is able to go to the Flybridge to enjoy sailing. Inside, the lay-out enables easy manoeuvring with a wheelchair. Easy access at the back of the yacht was created by extending the swimming platform and the widened door in the mirror ensures easy access to the cockpit. All in all a perfect example of a Pikmeerkruiser built according to your requirements and, of course, we can build many more of these.

The Yacht of Your Dreams

Also interior wise everything is possible. For instance, in cooperation with an international customer we built a yacht with a very minimalistic and light interior, see the pictures below. We even put a real sofa inside to create the sense of a second home. Do you have any ideas on how to put your own stamp on the yacht or how to create something different? Do you want to use different shapes or special (wood) colours in the interior or exterior? Please come and visit us to talk about the possibilities. Surprise us with your ideas and experience for yourself how our skilled staff will do everything to make your dream (yacht) come true.

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