Everything under one roof

Truly everything under one roof

Our passion emerged over 50 years ago when building our first durable and beautiful yachts. These days, we do much more than just that. Rentals, painting, repairs and more: no challenge is too big for our team.


Every single one of our yachts is unique. This is because we construct our yachts in consultation with you and every one of them is individually fitted out to your own personal wishes. The entire construction process, from welding its first steel plate up until its formal launch, takes place at our shipyard in Grou, the heart of the Dutch Frisian water recreation region. The construction of a ‘Pikmeerkruiser’ is an experience in itself; metal and wood are transformed into a luxury yacht by our craftsmen. Interested in our range of models?

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Used boats

Our Pikmeerkruisers last for years and the quality maintenance provided here at our own boatyard makes it almost impossible to distinguish our used boats from the new ones. Our used models consist mainly of our own Pikmeerkruiser models, but we also offer other brands of used boats from other yacht yards. Looking for a second hand yacht?

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Apart from building and selling yachts, our team also specialises in maintaining them. At ‘Jachtwerf de Groot’, your yacht will be in good hands. After all, our craftsmen have created the Pikmeerkruiser starting from its basic frame, so they know exactly how it is constructed. We are happy to discuss and consider which form of maintenance suits your situation best. We will ensure your yacht’s winter and summer readiness for sailing; we can repair any damage and paint your yacht.

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Our team knows exactly what upgrade options are available for your yacht. They are up to date about the latest trends and do not mind a challenge. They are experienced in fitting new accessories, installing motors, wastewater tanks and generators, decorating yachts and taking care of a complete refit. Interested?

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You do not have your own yacht but would like to hire a Pikmeerkruiser? Alternatively, do you have your own yacht and would like to sell it, or are you looking for a winter storage location? We can also manage this for you. We do not only offer over 100 boat sheds, but you can also come to us for yacht hire and yacht trading. We have indoor storage space for about 30 yachts. Want to know more?

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The Pikmeer Club

Sailing a Pikmeerkruiser is a feeling that cannot be compared: excellent sailing features, a sea of space, complete equipment fittings and fantastic design. This is why the need emerged among our customers to share this special, warm “pikmeerkruiser feeling”. Right from the start, Pikmeerkruisers catch up with each other, visit each other’s boats and share each other’s lovely sailing stories. And so the close-knit Pikmeerkruiser club (PKMC) was founded in 1987: by Pikmeerkruisers, for Pikmeerkruisers. Would you like to be part of the Pikmeer club or learn more about our activities?

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