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We are happy to share with you the most beautiful spots in Friesland. Should you ever go boating in Friesland, be sure not to skip these spots! The province of Friesland is a water province. About one third of the province is made up of water. Not surprisingly, Frisians are so fond of water sports and boats. All of Friesland is therefore geared to motorboats, sailing boats and ships. There are very many waterways and bridges that are easily passable by boat.


1. Boating through Grou

Grou Pikmeer

Of course, our own place where the shipyard is located should not be missing from the list. Originally a farming fishing village, it has grown in recent years into a true international water sports centre.

Normally, you could enjoy sitting on terraces here. Currently, of course, this is not possible, but you can visit the many small shops in a historically rich centre. Grou is also home to as many as 40 national monuments. Some will be more accessible than others, but at least you will have had a lovely walk through a beautiful historic village. Once back on the boat, relax with a home-cooked meal. On the Pikmeer, boating is wonderful and there are plenty of waterways to map out your own route to other places.

2. Boating through the Alde Feanen

National Park De Oude Venen (De Alde Feanen) is a national park in Friesland, it is located between Leeuwarden and Drachten. The national park has an area of almost 4,000 hectares. It is a nature reserve with a rich history and is truly unique in the Netherlands. Just sailing through the Alde Feanen is an outing in itself. It consists of lakes, reed beds, thickets and swamp forests. In addition, more than 100 different species of birds can be found.

Do you like photography? Then this area is definitely worth a visit.

Feast your eyes and take binoculars or a camera with you. This area is wonderful for a hobby like photography. The best thing about this park is that it is very well navigable, so you can best experience the Alde Feanen from the water!

3. Boating through Sneek

So you cannot sail in Friesland without visiting Sneek, normally then, because at the moment, of course, not everything can be visited. Nice to know is that Sneek is a well-known water sports village, culminating in Sneekweek, where the whole village is flooded by tourists from all over the world. During Sneekweek, people sail on the Sneekermeer lake during the day, and party on the island and in the town at night. Sneekweek traditionally starts on the first Saturday of August.

Shops, culture and eateries 2020

Besides water sports and Sneekweek, Sneek also has more than enough cosiness and culture to offer. The town centre is very cosy and known for its many outdoor cafés. Unfortunately, these are not on at the moment, but perhaps you can pick up food or drinks at a restaurant to support local entrepreneurs too! You can visit the necessary shops in the centre. In addition, the centre of Sneek is also definitely worth a stroll through, through its quaint and historic streets.

4. Boating through Leeuwarden

Friesland’s capital is extremely suitable for both the avid shopper and the true culture seeker. Leeuwarden is easy to reach from Grou and Sneek, allowing you to map out a nice route. By boat, you can moor at various places. You can visit some shops in Leeuwarden’s beautiful city centre. The best place, in our opinion, is the Prinsentuin. A lovely park you can take a stroll through. For now, really and highly recommended. Beware, of course, that this park doesn’t get too crowded. Leeuwarden is also full of great places to eat. You will find everything. The terraces and restaurants may be empty, but you can always check a website for options (e.g. takeaway).

Future outing: cultural route in Leeuwarden

Should corona be over, there is plenty to do in Leeuwarden in terms of culture. In 2018, Leeuwarden was the Cultural Capital of Europe, and this is still very much in evidence. In terms of museums, you can visit the Fries Museum. Leeuwarden’s ‘skyline’ is easy to admire from the iconic Oldenhove. Not only is the Oldehove more crooked than the tower of Pisa, it even has a bend in it halfway up. It is a beacon in Leeuwarden’s city centre and a perfect starting point for a nice city walk.

5. Boating through Langweer

Langweer is the heart of the Frisian Lakes region. The village has a central location and is therefore an ideal base for taking beautiful boat trips to the surrounding water sports towns, such as Sneek and Lemmer, but Heeg and Terherne, for example, are also within easy reach.

Langweer has a rich history, with many beautiful old buildings. The village also has a small cosy centre, where many old buildings have been preserved. The centuries-old lime trees give the main street a picturesque appearance. There are plenty of catering establishments in the centre (check their website for the current offer). You can also do your shopping in the supermarket and there is also a butcher and bakery in the village.

6. Boating through Joure

Joure we know as a Vlekke. A village with an urban character that does not have city rights. In the 15th century, Joure originated on a sand ridge. As early as 1466, Joure received market rights, which meant the birth of the famous Jouster Merke. The Merke is held every 4th Thursday in September and still attracts thousands of visitors. Highly recommended! Even today, there is always something to do in terms of events in Joure.

Centre of Joure

Joure has many terraces in the centre and a kilometre-long shopping street. So it’s ideal to book a day in Joure, to enjoy shopping and drinks and snacks. Currently, you can still visit shops in Joure and furthermore, you can pick up coffee or ice cream. For takeaway or delivery services, check the websites of eateries in Joure.

Douwe Egberts, Hobbe van Baerdt Tsjerke

Further, Joure, with 24 national monuments is a recommended outing for heritage enthusiasts. Think the industrial Douwe Egberts or the Hobbe van Baerdt Tsjerke. Also, the ‘Make Museum of the North’ is the ingredient for a successful day out. Walk around Joure and check out the beautiful monuments.

7. Boating through Sloten

Sloten is one of the oldest towns in Friesland. Also one of the smallest with its 760 inhabitants. Sloten lies on the Slotermeer lake and is therefore very easy to reach by boat. Old traditions are still honoured here and Sloten shows that tradition and change can go hand in hand. Sloten offers a lot of recreation on the water and there is plenty to do in Friesland’s smallest town for both the sporty and the culture-seeker!

8. Boating through Lemmer

On the IJsselmeer lies the town of Lemmer, a place famous for its water sports. Lemmer has a beautiful and modern centre through which the water runs. So there is opportunity to moor for a while and visit the shops or the quay, where currently there is certainly opportunity to buy something (important things or food and drink). Lemmer also has a beach, where you can possibly (provided it is not too crowded) take a break! Furthermore, for culture seekers, the oldest working steam pumping station in Europe can be found in Lemmer. Highly recommended!


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