Damage repair

Damage repair

Every ship needs maintenance. Our close-knit team specialises in yacht maintenance and repairs. ‘We like to roll our sleeves up and do our utmost to repair each damage that may occur. We are motivated by the moment the yacht leaves the shipyard almost as new.’ After all, we built over 550 Pikmeerkruisers, from drawing board to completion and we think it’s just as important that they maintain their beauty.

Damage Repair Yacht

At our shipyard we provide damage repairs to steel motor yachts up to 15 metres (49.2 feet) in length and with a maximum weight of 25 tons. Years of experience in maintenance and repair work enables us to handle all types of damages. Corrosion damage, osmosis, wall corrosion, paint damage, cracks, wood rot or technical failures? A collision with another boat? With us, your yacht is in good hands. Our staff will do everything to provide proper damage repairs so that your yacht leaves our shipyard as good as new. This way, you maintain your yacht in optimum condition.

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