Yacht painting

A Shining Yacht with Perfect Spraying or Paint Work

More than anybody else we know the best way to paint or spray a yacht because we already painted 550 yachts. From the first lick of paint to a complete smooth varnish. With a good set of skills and an eye for accuracy and detail, our master painters go to work to make your yacht look as fresh as paint. The end result? Perfect spraying and bright bulwarks and hull. Do you wish to renew or overcoat the old paint or go for a new look? Everything is possible. Your freshly painted yacht leaves the port as good as new.


Painting halls

Good spraying and paint work not only depend on the painter. The environment also plays an important role. The shipyard’s modernised painting halls are the perfect location for that purpose. In fact, in 2003, the entire shipyard was built from the ground up. Therefore, we are completely ready to provide you with the best service regarding your yacht.

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