Pikmeerkruiser club

The Pikmeerkruiser feeling

Sailing a Pikmeerkruiser is an incomparable feeling: excellent sailing qualities, oceans of space, fully equipped and a fantastic interior. Hence the need arose amongst our customers to share this special and warm “Pikmeerkruiser feeling”. From the very first start Pikmeerkruisers seek each other, visit each other’s yachts and share their wonderful travel stories. And so, in 1987 the close-knit Pikmeerkruiser Club (PKMC) was founded: by Pikmeerkruisers, for Pikmeerkruisers.

Boat for Globetrotters

The luxury and comfort of a Pikmeerkruiser allows you to navigate almost everywhere. It feels like a second home. The feeling of being able to sail anywhere is unmistakable for the Pikmeerkruiserclub, hence its members love to share their travel stories. Here, you can read the beautiful travel stories of other Pikmeerkruisers such as a story about a summer trip to the Ardennes and a special trip to Paris where they admired the Eiffel Tower from the River Seine. There will be many more stories to come. Will you join us next time?

Travel Together

One quality is shared by all Pikmeerkruiser owners: the passion to travel. This is the reason why the Pikmeerkruiser Club organises several trips each year. With committee members in, amongst other places, Heerenveen, Amstelveen but also Bussum, the Pikmeerkruiser Club goes everywhere. You may meet us during sailing trips through picturesque villages in the Netherlands, towards the Isle of Terschelling, but you may also see dozens of Pikmeerkruisers sailing the meandering River Seine in France. A breathtaking scene. Do you also want to make a beautiful trip through Paris, Berlin or Belgium together with a nice group of people? Please join the Pikmeerkruiser Club and have a look at our calendar to see what is on this year.

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