Everything under One Roof, Including Upgrades

Upgrades to your yacht? At Shipyard de Groot your yacht is in good hands. What makes our shipyard in Grou special, is the fact that the entire construction takes place under one roof. In Dutch there is a saying: “Craftsmanship is Mastery”, which definitely applies to the staff of Pikmeerkruiser. In addition to building new yachts we specialise in upgrading motor yachts.

After all our staff built the Pikmeerkruiser from the hull up, so they know the yacht inside out. We already did some beautiful upgrades to yachts. We are happy to discuss with which upgrade you get the most of your yacht. Please read here for more information on upgrades, like the installation of new accessories or equipment and on engines, but also on a total refit of your Pikmeerkruiser.

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