Custom Upholstering

(Re-)upholstering the interior of your yacht is yet another upgrade we offer at our shipyard. Upholstering is better left to professionals. Our skilled and experienced staff have an eye for detail and work with accuracy. ‘An interior with beautiful upholstered furniture is recognised by its excellent finish and its quality. Therefore, we only use the finest and highest quality materials, taking into account the colour fastness and easy maintenance of the fabrics.’

Your yacht, your choices

Every wish our customer may have, is a great challenge. As long as it can be done within our high standards of quality and comfort everything is possible. For instance, in cooperation with an international customer we built a yacht with a very minimalistic and light interior made with light oak and a beige upholstery.

Get Inspired

Over half a century of experience in upholstering of boat cushions and sofas for all types of ships enables us to give you very good advice regarding fabrics suitable to your type of yacht. Both indoors and outdoors. Please feel free to contact us or visit us at our shipyard in Grou and get inspired.

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